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In Knitting/Crocheting on 08/28/2010 at 17:46

So I’m getting ready to move into in apartment with my man…FUN…and after two years together, it’s about time (oh and we’re getting married…ssh!).  The problem?  I have a TON of yarn, and nowhere to store it.  The solution?  STASH-BUSTING!

The problem with my stash is that most of my yarn is a skein of this, a skein of that, without a lot of continuity, or even colors that I can combine to make a large project.  I have a skein of variegated boucle, and then 3 of a mysterious blue-green mohair.  (plus a ton of other stuff, none of which goes together)

So here’s what I’ve been doing:

Right now I’m making this sideways grande hat ( from the book Boutique Knits, designed by Laura Irwin, published by Interweave Press, 2008).  I had done a version of this in blue with a ruffle on the side instead of a cable.  (also a stash-busting maneuver).  For the one I’m making now, I’m using one skein of Lion brand Jiffy in Silver Heather, and I’m going to knit the cable rather than knit two separate things and twist them together.  This should minimize some bulk and lay flatter against the hat (and also take less time and use less yarn).

I just finished this Wrenna Sweater.  The pattern can be found in the book French Girl Knits, also published by Interweave (and please forgive me, I don’t have the book on me right now, so I’m not sure who the designer is)  This was knit up using slightly more than two skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Charcoal (my photo quality is TERRIBLE, as the sweater is actually grey and not purple.)  This was a GREAT pattern — very simple and easy to follow, and it gave me a chance to try some new knitting techniques like knitting from the top down and making a seamless sweater. It came out really well, but it does not look good on me at all.  I’m just too curvy.  I also have three skeins of the same yarn but in the Oatmeal color, so I will probably make another one.  I love making sweaters out of bulky yarn due to my need for instant gratification, but they never look good on me.  I don’t have the figure to be able to wear bulky yarn well, unless it’s in the form of a hat.

Also, I had a skein of Nashua (forget the specific name of the yarn).  It’s a worsted wool/alpaca blend.  This made 5 crocheted hexagons that will promptly be felted and used for coasters.  I’m considering adding some adornment and selling them on my Etsy Store so maybe I can actually sell something.  Woot.  I would have liked to get six hexagons, but there wasn’t enough yardage, and I only had one skein, and I don’t want to buy another because that stuff is like $9 a skein.

Finally, for some super stash-busting, I made 20 hats for my hubby-to-be’s 29th birthday, which is on Tuesday.  These hats are my own pattern…they are ridiculously easy to make, and I can usually whip one out in 1.5 hours or so.  All in all I used 1 skein of a dark orange Bernat worsted acrylic, one skein of brown acrylic from impeccable something or other, 2 skeins of red heart worsted acrylic, 1 skein vanna’s choice linen color, 1 skein paton’s classic wool in dark green, 1 skein of red heart acrylic in a country blue type color, and 1 skein vanna’s choice in colonial blue I think.  So that knocked out a good bit of yarn.


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