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On Mohair…

In Uncategorized on 09/11/2010 at 15:52

My newest work in progress is the multi-pattern top from Vogue Knitting (spring/summer 2006).  I can’t show a photo cause I suck technologically speaking.  Basically it’s a sweater knit in four colors, and  each color corresponds to a lace pattern that makes up the sweater.  There’s a collar made by short-row shaping.  It’s really beautiful and  pretty challenging.  I tried this a couple years ago when I had never even attempted lacework, and I didn’t even know how to do a yarn-over properly (yeah, seriously, I messed up yo’s), so I’ve been waiting to make this for 4 years.

That being  said, I’m making some changes.  Instead of using the lion-brand DK stuff they call for (which I tried before and it was really slippery, but really nice drape), I am using the Twinkle mohair, and I’m using a solid color throughout.  I saw a lot of projects on Ravelry, and I really liked all the solid-color designs better.

A few words about the mohair.  OMG IT IS GORGEOUS.  The thread itself is very very thin, but there’s this aura of mohair-ness around it.  It looks so light and beautiful.  I think the lace will be really pronounced on this.  On size 6 needles, the yarn can breathe but it’s not too loose.  LOVE IT.  The only thing I don’t like is the yarn is a little more scratchy than I expected.  I know in Twinkle’s pattern’s she uses this stuff with  size 19 needles…that’s not  my cup of tea.

I ‘ll post pics of this sweater when I make some substantial progress.


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