Sarah Mayland

Where Art Thou?

In Uncategorized on 09/24/2010 at 20:38

I think  it’s an unwritten law of life (or maybe a written law somewhere unbeknownst to me) that as much shit as possible will hit the fan at one time.  If you don’t have enough shit hitting the fan, life will add shit to yours to make the fan episode catastrophically messy.  Such is life, as I am learning firsthand right now.

So where the hell have I been?  Oh honey, let me tell you…

1.  Class.  8-930 Monday-Thursday
2. Work.  10-9 every day and 11-6 on Sundays.  (sometimes I get a day off.)
3.  My laptop kicked the bucket.  Completely.  Blue Screen of Death.  Now I am using the crappy Dell at work.
4.  Out with hubby-to-be, spending obscene amounts of money on Operation NLT (New Life Together).

So Khaled (that’s the name of hubby-to-be) and I went out this past week to get our rings…which are GORGEOUS, our marriage license (YAY), and our furniture.  (I had to haggle a little for the furniture, but hey, what can you do?)  The furniture was GREAT!  We got 2 chests of drawers and 2 night stands for our sleeping chamber; a couch, loveseat, coffee table, two end tables (all in one set); we got a dining room set, and Khaled got a “man chair” (you know, one of the those grandpa recliners that are big and squishy).  All for $2650 after taxes and delivery charge.  SWEET

Then I had an appointment to get my wedding dress altered.  The seamstress literally cut 5 inches off my hem while the dress was on me because my legs really are THAT short.  I saved the hem and I’m going to use the fabric for a flower or something.

As for knitting, the second love of my life, I have neglected it recently so that I can study.  But I’m halfway through a tea towel for my kitchen, and I want to make a couple more of those and some washcloths.  Other items on the agenda down the line are a table runner, stuffed animals for my niece-to-be who just turned 1, a sweater design that’s been in my head for the past two months, and some felted nesting bowls.  That’s part of the reason why I haven’t posted any patterns lately…I haven’t had time to be creative!!!

But hang in there you guys…I promise soon I will have some fresh patterns (not to mention FREE) for you.  In the mean time, wish me luck, and wish me sanity!


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