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getting my knitting brain back in gear…

In Knitting/Crocheting on 11/05/2010 at 17:25

oh my lord…it’s been a while.  in the past month i moved and got married while working full-time and going to school full-time.  needless to say, i haven’t had any time to knit, let alone write about knitting, or write any patterns.  but knitting has certainly been on my mind, and i have a few projects in mind…

the wedding wrap didn’t work out.  it just took a lot longer than expected.  after the wedding i continued on with it a bit, and had all the major body pieces assembled, with only the trim that still had to be done.  i found a really cool lace pattern in vogue’s stitchionary (#5 i think), and it was really easy and looked good.  i really had a problem with the yarn.  if i had knit a seemless body, i think it would have been too heavy…the seams really helped to give it structure, but the stitch definition on the yarn is crazy, and the yarn itself has no structure…it’s really loose and drapey, so the seams looked HORRIBLE.  and i’m not a novice with sewing seems, so i blame the yarn.  anyway, that got frogged, and i’ll use the yarn for a lace sweater that i made once before.  i ended up buying a pink cardigan at target to wear over my wedding dress…which was great because it dressed it down a little.  (we did a courthouse thing so we were pretty chill…but every lady needs a gown!) 

left to right: my sister, me, husband, other sister

the second thing i want to make is the Soft Kid Bubble (designed by Laura Irwin in the book Boutique Knits, published by Interweave Press).  i have some mohair for this.  i was originally going to use the frogged pink yarn for this, but i think that yarn will be too heavy, so mohair it is.  i was going to design a sweater for the vogue knitting mohair competition and use my mohair for that, but forget it.  i don’t have time.

kitchen towels are still on my list, as are some nesting bowls…and a bunch of hats and scarves for christmas as well as a charity thing my cousin is doing for her church…RED HEART SUPER SAVER HERE I COME!!!

Patterns on the Way (probably today):

Ridiculously Easy Cloche and Double-Brim Cloche
Ridiculously Easy Felted Cloche
Ridiculously Easy Earflap Hat

Stay Tuned!! ❤

  1. Congrats!!! And thanks for sharing your designs 🙂

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