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Pattern — Ridiculously Easy Earflap Hat

In Knitting/Crocheting, Patterns on 11/14/2010 at 19:06

This is another variation on my Ridiculously Easy Beanie, which you will need to use as your base to complete this hat.

The earflaps are SUPER-RIDICULOUSLY easy.  This is a great project for a beginner, and the magic comes in the embellishments.

This is my earflap hat. I embellished with some acrylic paint in a stencilled design.

To make the hat:
ch 66, connect to form a large ring.
continue steps in Ridiculously Easy Beanie pattern to make the base of your hat.

For the Earflaps:
Start at the bottom of the hat (your original ch sts) where you connected to join the first row. 
row 1: sc 16 sts (1 st in each ch st on foundation row). ch 1, turn.
row 2: sk 1st st, sc 1 st in each of next 15 sc.  ch 1, turn.
row 3: sk 1st st, sc 1 st in each of next 14 sc.  ch 1, turn

continue in this fashion, skipping the first st of each row, until there is one stitch left.  cut the yarn, leaving a long enough end to weave in, and pull the yarn through the last st to fasten off. 

make another earflap on the other side of the hat.

assuming that you used 66 stitches for your beanie, and are making the earflaps 16 sts wide, there should be a space of 17 sts between the earflaps. 

embellish as you like. (and post pics on ravelry please!)

also, please note that some curling on the earflaps is normal, and is supposed to be there.  if you don’t like the curl, something i found helps with that is to crochet trip around the entire hat after the earflaps are on there (it’s super-cute if done in a contrasting color). make sure you sc 3 sts in the point of the earflap

Have fun!!

*For a tutorial on how to make the stencil and paint the hat, please go here.


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