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Ridiculously Easy Felted Cloche

In Knitting/Crocheting, Patterns on 12/03/2010 at 02:39

This is yet another variation on my Ridiculously Easy Beanie  pattern.  This is the same shape as the un-felted cloche, but this one is felted (hence the name). 

Acrylic and other synthetic yarns will not felt.  Use a trusty wool.  I have not tried to felt alpaca, but I’m sure it works too.  You need a lot of agitation and some soap to make an object felt.  Everyone does things differently, but I find that I get the best results when I throw the piece in a washing machine on hot or warm water, fast spin cycle, and put a towel in with it so it has something to rub up against.  I prefer to have no stitch definition whatsoever after the felting is done, so I sometimes have to run it in the machine for 2 or 3 wash cycles.  Also, your piece will shrink a good bit when you felt (to about 2/3 of its original size).  So for any felted project, ch stitch or cast on 1 1/2 the number of stitches that it should actually be so that when it felts it will be its normal size.

The felted cloche is a really great piece to wear in the winter.  It is very soft and strong, and unbelieveably warm.  Also, because it is felted you can cut out shapes without the yarn coming unraveled.  I would recommend washing it one more time after you cut it so the edges are felted all the way through.

To make the Cloche”

Materials: 1 Skein Paton’s Classic Wool in color of choice (or any other worsted weight 100% wool) ACRYLIC/WOOL BLENDS WILL NOT FELT!! (I learned this the hard way), Size H Crochet Hook

ch 90 sts, join to form a ring.
sc 1 st in each chain st, continuing in the round
work 23 more rows (rounds — when I say rows I mean rounds) even
row 25: sc 14 sts, skip 1 st.  repeat 6x around the hat
row 26: work even
row 27: sc 13 sts, skip 1 st.  repeat 6x around the hat
row 28: sc 12 sts, skip 1 st.  repeat 6x.
row 29: work even
row 30: sc 11 sts, skip 1 st.  repeat 6x.
row 31: sc 10 sts, skip 1 st.  repeat 6x.
row 32: sc 9 sts, skip 1 st.  repeat 6x.
row 33: work even
row 34: sc 8 sts, skip 1 st.  repeat 6x.
row 35: sc 7 sts, skip 1 st. repeat 6x.
row 36: sc 6 sts, skip 1 st.  repeat 6x.
row 37: sc 5 sts, skip 1 st. repeat 6x.
row 38: word even
row 39: sc 4 sts, skip 1 st.  repeat 6x.
row 40: sc 3 sts, skip 1 st. repeat 6x.
row 41: sc 2 sts, skip 1 st.  repeat 6x.
row 42: sc in every other st.

repeat row 42 until hat is closed.  knot the yarn, and cut off.

for the brim:

starting at the bottom of the hat, sc 1 st in every original ch st.
brim row 1: sc 1 st in first 14 sts.  2 sc in next st.  repeat 6x.
brim row 2: work even
brim row 3: work even
brim row 4: sc 1 st in first 11 sts.  2 sc in next st.  repeat 8x.
brim rows 5-8: work even.

fasten off. 
don’t bother weaving in your ends because you are going to felt the  hat so you can just cut off the ends afterwards without fear of unraveling.  don’t cut the ends off before you felt or your hat might come unstitched in the wash.

throw it in the washing machine a few times until felted as desired.

This is the front of the cloche

on my hat, i cut the shape into a point at the nape of the neck — not triangular but kind of curved.  using the scrap felt, i cut out a circle as big as i could get, and put it at the end of the point, and sewed a big button on top.  do whatever tickles your fancy.

This is a view of the cloche from the side

This is the back of the cloche

This is the detail of the back of the cloche

  1. It was pretty good untill I felted it the second time and then the cutting was a disaster but the hat was already too small so I thought why not? if I made it again,which I might,I won’t shrink it anymore if it fits and probaly won’t cut it!

    • thanks for your comment! i’m sorry the felting didn’t work out 😦 i’ve had a few felting disasters myself (not with this hat, but on a bag i spent days making for my grandmother. i would give it a try again with some different yarn. i know nashua wool felts beautifully. good luck!

  2. I love this hat! I wanted to tell you that I’ve been trying your ridiculously easy beanie, earflap hat & cloche too. I’ve recommended your patterns to my sister. She’s a lot better at crocheting than I am. (So far they’re aren’t coming out remotely as cute as yours…. but I’m having a blast trying!). I want to try your dinosaur hat idea too!!

  3. Can you tell me what you mean by even on some rows? Do you mean just crochet around and not increase or decrease? Thank you.

    • Thanks for the question! When I say “work even” you are correct, it means do not increase or decrease.

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