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Saving Money

In Reviews on 03/29/2011 at 19:46

Anyone who knows me can tell you that one of the things that is most difficult for me to do is save money.  I’m not a crazy crazy spender where I get myself into trouble or anything with my spending, but I do it enough that I’m a paycheck to paycheck person.  As I mentioned in my last post I joined AVON as an eRepresentative and saved a good deal of money on my makeup.  My very first order arrived today and I decided to crunch the numbers and see how much money I actually saved by switching over my makeup regimen.

Here’s what I got from AVON with the prices as listed in the brochure:
Foundation: $7.99
Pressed Powder: $7.99
Concealer Stick:  $3.99
Primer: $6.99
Cream Blush Stick: $5.99
Eyeliner:  $1.99
Eye Makeup Remover: $1.99

So I spent a total of $36.93 (plus, since I’m a rep, I get 40% of that back)…now check out how much I would spend for the same makeup regimen at Bare Minerals (where I used to get my makeup):
Foundation:  $28
Concealer:  $18
Mineral Veil (what the pressed powder is now used for):  $19
Primer:  $21
Eyeliner:  $14
Bronzer (they gave me that instead of blush):  $18

Plus in order to apply the Bare Minerals makeup you need brushes, so add:
Concealer Brush:  $20
Foundation Brush: $28
Blush Brush: $18

So the total I would pay at Bare Minerals is $181.  So by switching to AVON I saved myself $144.07. 

This is a step in the right direction — hopefully I won’t spend all of this extra money on yarn!

One of the tools I use to help save money is, which enables me to make budgets and track my spending over the course of the month.  It also lets you see how much debt you have proportionate to your income, and alerts you when you spend more than what you had budgeted for in a certain category.

Yay Saving!!!!

  1. Can people buy AVON through you? I’d be interested!! (the next time I need to get some more makeup).

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