Sarah Mayland

Instant Gratification I-Cord Necklace

In Knitting/Crocheting, Patterns on 05/07/2011 at 21:19

Mother’s day is tomorrow, and I’m dreadfully poor.  Thankfully, I found some lovely metallic gold yarn that I had laying around and decided to whip up a little something.

this is the completed necklace


  • one skein Adrienne Vittadini Francesca in Gold (please note that this yarn is now discontinued, but can be found in some places online — substitute any DK or light worsted weight yarn of your choice) (please note that you don’t need a whole skein for this — one skein will make quite a few necklaces)
  • two double-pointed needles (size 6)
  • two stitch markers
  • a tapestry needle

Gauge:  the gauge here is not really important

To make the necklace:

CO 4 sts.  Knit 1 row. When finishing the row DO NOT TURN the work.  Slide the stitches back to the other side of the double-pointed needle and knit the next row, always working on the Right Side.  Continue doing this until the I-Cord measures 32″.  Cut the yarn leaving a long tail. Thread the tail in the tapestry needle and weave through the remaining stitches.  Pull to gather the stitches and fasted securely.

Measure 8″ from each end and place markers.  Use the tails at the end to sew the ends of the I-cord to the places that the markers are.  You should have two loops at the end of the cord.  Weave in ends and cut off the remainder of the tail.  Wear as shown above.

measure 8" from each end and place markers


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